Design Process

The design of a new golf course typically consists of several phases. The earlier the architect is hired the better, as the project lies on a more secure foundation with the architect onboard.

Site Selection

A review of the site to determine it's suitability for golf. This has great implications for the rest of the project in terms of a timetable and expenditures.

Preliminary Design

Preliminary designs are developed to determine the best locations for golf, hotels, housing and other facilities.

Final Master Plan

From the preliminary design a final master plan is agreed showing the layout and all the elements of the proposed golf course.

Detailed design & construction documentation

These will include plans for staking, grading, clearing, drainage, landscape concept, irrigation, grassing and green details as well as construction details & specifications and bills of quantities.

Supervision of Construction

The best courses are not coming alive in the architect's office. Frequent regular inspections during the construction work ensures that the designs and specifications are followed correctly by the Contractor.